Integrated design of smart product-service systems in SMEs

Project duration: March 2021 - February 2024

Our vision introduces a new perspective
for the design of smart product-service systems.

We develop innovative tools for manufacturing companies, particularly SMEs, to support the integrated development of smart products and data-based services.

Project partners

Our modules


A central procedure model specifies individual process steps, tasks as well as roles for the integrated development of smart product-service systems. Instead of a stiff guideline, we intend to develop a dynamic model which adjusts to the individual situation of a company.


The idea of our competence modules converts innovative research results into practicable concepts and actions. Furthermore, we generate new knowledge on data-based business models as well as on data ecosystems and on the implementation of intelligent components.


As part of five pilot projects, specific smart product-service systems are being developed. These solutions can be included in the service portfolio of the application partners involved in the project. Our approaches will be constantly improved and evaluated regarding their applicability in practice. Therefore, an intensive exchange between industry and research builds a foundation of generating new knowledge throughout our project.


In the “SMARTSYSTEM Launchpad” – an interactive web application – both the process model and the competence modules are implemented. In this web portal, decision-makers and developers are offered target-oriented know-how and tools for their individual maturity stage. This enables them to successfully develop smart product-service systems.


The SMARTSYSTEM Launchpad offers SMEs an IT-based application for the targeted development of product service systems.

Effective development processes with an interactive web application

Situation-based recommendations through a dynamic structure

Integration of scientific results developed and tested in close dialogue with practitioners


Erstes Präsenztreffen im großen Kreis

Am 18. Mai fand das erste Präsenztreffen in großem Kreis statt – Anwendungspartner, Forschungspartner und Technologieanbieter waren für eine gemeinsame Arbeitseinheit vor Ort. Unser Anwendungspartner Friedrich Lütze aus Weinstadt war an diesem Tag unser Gastgeber.


Erfolgreiche Veröffentlichung von zum Status Quo der sPSS-Entwicklung auf internationalen Konferenzen

Smarte Produkt-Service-Systeme (sPSS) bieten die Möglichkeit zusätzlichen Wert für alle beteiligten Akteure zu schaffen. Diesen fehlt es jedoch häufig an Ressourcen, Know-how und praktischer Anleitung für die Entwicklung, Einführung und Wartung solcher komplexen Lösungen. Mit vier Veröffentlichungen widmen sich Forschende des KIT, Fraunhofer IAO und der University Stuttgart diesem Thema.


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