Smart product-service systems for SMEs - finally provides a change of the perspective

The project is launched. 3 research institutions and 6 SMEs will work together on a shared strategy over the next 3 years.


The guiding concept: systematically focuses on the integrated development of products and data-based services - starting from the customer's need and a user-oriented design.

Specifically, practical projects are implemented in which barely studied process steps and essential skills are "translated" into formats suitable for practice. Through an intensive exchange between industry and research, approaches are continuously developed and evaluated with respect to their practical suitability.

Dieses Vorgehen wird anschließend in einer interaktiven Web-Applikation münden. So werden gezielt Know-how und innovative Werkzeuge bereitgestellt, um smarte Produkt-Service Systeme erfolgreich zu entwickeln – Digitalisierungskompetenzen im F&E-Bereich werden erweitert.


The project is funded by the BMBF and supervised by PTKA.

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