Innovating Smart Product-Service Systems
in Manufacturing SMEs: Current Practices,
Affordances, and Constraints

Daniel Heinz, Hae-Rin Park, Carina Benz, Gerhard Satzger – 24th IEEE Conference on Business Informatics

Inquiry and Analysis of Challenges in the Development of Smart Product-Service Systems

Y. Paliyenko, G.-J. Tüzün, D. Roth und M. Kreimeyer – INTERNATIONAL DESIGN CONFERENCE – DESIGN 2022

Smarte Produkt-Service-Systeme –
Eine Bestandsaufnahme unter deutschen Unternehmen

Fraunhofer IAO, 2022

A Maturity Model for Smart Product-Service Systems

Daniel Heinz, Carina Benz, Rainer Silbernagel, Begoña Molins, Gerhard Satzger, Gisela Lanza – 55th CIRP Conference on Manufacturing Systems, 2022

An Affordance-Actualization Perspective on Smart Service Systems

Daniel Heinz, Carina Benz, Fabian Hunke und Gerhard Satzger – 17th International Conference on Wirtschaftsinformatik, 2022

Towards a Reference Architecture for Future Industrial Internet of Things Networks

Dominik Martin, Niklas Kühl, Marcel Schwenk – 23rd Conference on Business Informatics, September 2021

Opening the Black Box of Digital B2B Co-Creation

Jan Abendroth, Lara Riefle & Carina Benz – 16th International Conference on Wirtschaftsinformatik, 2021 Mehrwert durch datenbasierte Services

Carina Benz – SERVICETODAY 3/21

Entwicklung und Verbreitung smarter Produkt-Service-Systeme in der Unternehmenswelt

Studie des Projekts, August 2021

Innovation through data-based services

Fabian Hunke, Lucas Baier & Carina Benz – SERVICETODAY 1/20 (de)


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