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The aim of the EDI GmbH-Engineering Data Intelligence is to extend its EDI hive IoT framework so that novel smart product-service systems (sPSS) can be implemented as a scalable business model without profound knowledge on AI and programming skills . This means that the EDI hive IoT framework can be used as a no-code platform to efficiently establish new digital business processes in the desired corporate design. Hence, a rapid return on investment (ROI) can be guaranteed. On the one hand, EDI GmbH formalizes the knowledge of experts with existing patented technology within the SMARTSYSTEM launchpad to be developed in bi.smart. On the other hand, the relevant data is identified, semantically captured via standardized IoT interfaces and combined with the expert knowledge by automated machine learning algorithms (autoML). This results in accurate AI-based applications.


Karlsruhe Institute of Technology - Karlsruhe Service Research Institute

Within the project "bi.smart", KIT focuses on the development of methods for building up competencies for the customer-centric development of smart product-service systems and corresponding business models. Moreover, strategies for cross-company collaboration, the design of a (value creation) ecosystem and data exchange in the context of smart product-service systems will be derived.

Fraunhofer-Institut für Arbeitswirtschaft und Organisation IAO

Fraunhofer IAO has been working for several years on topics including work science, service engineering, and the development of product-service systems. A key factor here is the realization of customer- and employee-oriented solutions through the early integration of the people involved. Within the project bi.smart, this approach will be connected with Advanced Systems Engineering, which has been strongly technology-oriented so far.

University of Stuttgart - Institute for Construction Technology and Technical Design

To successfully develop innovative products, we combine our expertise and methodological knowledge with our experience from consulting activities. Therefore, we will investigate the development of smart product-service systems within the bi.smart project. Additionally, targeted support will be provided to SMEs with regard to the handling and processing of data in the PDP. This gained experience will be long-term implemented in the teaching company and used for training in the topics of digitalization as well as service engineering.

Unicorn Engineering

Based on the data collected from our customers, we want to enable them to select the optimal battery storage size as required. Within the scope of bi.smart, we can design suitable business models and test them in real conditions.

Friedrich Lütze GmbH

Based on the bi.smart process model, we want to expand our energy-efficient AirSTREAM control cabinet wiring system to include a digital platform. Thereby, the aim is to enable customers to record the energy consumption of their machine control system already within the planning phase. Energy- optimized planning of the control cabinet can thus be significantly simplified, and the potential for CO2 savings becomes visible.

Precitec GmbH & Co. KG

Precitec Group is a worldwide innovation and market leader for components and system solutions in the field of laser technology and optical metrology. Our bi.smart project goal is to demonstrate a service model based on sensor data and process parameters. This will be used to identify customer-specific, proactive maintenance needs and recommend actions for industrial production.

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions GmbH

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions has been offering (digital) services around the topics of development, logistics, production and after market for many years. Additionally, support for digitalization in product application is becoming increasingly important. Thereby, Trelleborg has expertise in the field of sensor technology, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and software development. This know-how will be integrated in the project for the development of integrated product-service systems for critical applications.

Alfred Kiess GmbH

One of our project goals is to digitize the entire planning and development process of our project business in interior design. In doing so, we will develop tools to design workflows that are ecologically sustainable and conserve resources. Furthermore, methods for deriving standardized products from the project business are to be developed with the continuous involvement of our customers and using new digital technologies (for example 3D visualizations). Thus, the comparatively costly engineering and planning phase preceding the project business is to be compensated for by the establishment of a more standardized product portfolio.

Associated Partners

Project funding

Project funding

The joint project bi.smart is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) as part of the support measure "Mastering the Complexity of Sociotechnical Systems - A Contribution to Advanced Systems Engineering for the Value Creation of Tomorrow (PDA_ASE)" in the program "Innovations for the Production, Service and Work of Tomorrow".


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