The concept



A key process model for integrated product and service development describes individual tasks, process steps and their interdependencies.

Companies receive the opportunity to “enter” the process model dynamically at different points according to their existing knowledge and solutions.

a “self-assessment” tool gives even inexperienced companies recommendations for the individually suitable starting point within the process model.

Interactive Competence Modules

Interactive competence modules provide assistance for subtasks previously insufficiently understood, researched, and adopted.

Hereby, for example, competencies in the area of business model development or work system design have to be created.



In five pilot projects, real smart product-service systems are being developed with practical partners. These can be integrated into the solution portfolios of the application partners involved in the project.

Through close cooperation between project partners from industry and science, approaches are continuously evaluated for their practical suitability.

Interactive Web-Application

Both the process model and the competence modules are implemented in an interactive web application, the SMARTSYSTEM Launchpad.

The SMARTSYSTEM Launchpad allows a stand-alone application especially for small and medium-sized companies on their way towards offering smart product-service systems.

The SMARTSYSTEM Launchpad selectively provides knowledge and support to acquire certain skills for sPSS development. For the successful implementation of such solutions, collaboration within the company and within the dynamic ecosystem are mandatory.


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