Project description

Digitalization cannot stop after internal process optimizations, but…

… should find its way into the product/service portfolios of manufacturing companies. Innovative data-based services can create added value for customers and open up new revenue potentials. Therefore, traditional development processes have to be fundamentally overthought and new methods have to be designed.

Thus, the aim of this project is the systematization of a new development logic for smart product-service systems.

Smart product-service systems consist of a physical core product and data-based services. Products equipped with sensors and connected via the IoT today already provide a wealth of data from which additional added value can be gained. Traditionally, this fixed existing data pool is evaluated to develop supplementary services for the customer.

But how can we ensure that the planned services fits the customers’ needs?

Following to current approaches in advanced system engineering, the reverse of it is the way to go: The customer's benefit has to become the starting point for development .

An integrated design of data-producing products and the related data-based services is becoming a necessity. This is the only way for system developers to proactively plan data acquisition and its processing, as well as to integrate the required sensors and technical components early on into the product design.

This is the reason why develops innovative tools for manufacturing companies, especially SMEs, to…

… support the integrated development of smart products and data-based services.

In addition, we combine the scientific expertise from the sectors of product development, services and work organization with the experience gained from five pilot projects conducted by our application partners. creates know-how on data-based services

The outcomes of this project offer industrial companies in Germany the possibility to

Purposefully expand their design and development competencies

Drive the development of their own solutions towards smart product-service systems

Strengthen their position in global competitive environments


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